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Bermuda Travel Guide

The Island of Bermuda is also referred to as Somers isles and is located in the north of the Atlantic and it is an overseas territory of the British. Bermuda’s capital is Hamilton city. Bermuda is a beautiful Island with friendly people and this makes it a very ideal holiday destination.

What should I expect when entering Bermuda?

Once you land at the Bermuda international airport, you should expect to go through necessary custom checks and you must show proof of a return ticket. There are numerous flights from various parts of the world to Bermuda. You can also enter Bermuda by cruise ships and the custom and immigration rules still stand when arriving here by ship.

Where can I stay in Bermuda?

There are fantastic options for accommodation in Bermuda. You can choose to stay in luxury hotels such as the hotel Fairmont Southampton, grotto bay beach resort, Cambridge beaches resorts, the reefs hotel, and nine beaches resorts and many others.

If you are here on a budget, you can choose from a wide array of bed and breakfast options to self catering guest houses like the oxford guest house and the Rosemont hotel. There are also private homes, studios and apartments you can rent in Bermuda.

What means of transportation can I choose from?

You can select from public transportation which involves bus transportation. There are buses that route various parts of the Island and are commonly used by the locals. You can only board or alight from a bus at a bus station which is denoted by poles painted in pink and blue.

Ferries are also common in Bermuda from the great sound and Hamilton harbor. These ferry services connect various Island points. Both buses and ferries offer services at scheduled times.       

You can also make use of taxis that offer services around the Islands. These taxis charge $4 for initial mile and $1.40 for every other mile covered after. This can be quite expensive if you plan on spending the whole day exploring Bermuda.

The most effective way to tour Bermuda is by cycle rental. The reason why motor bikes and mopeds are so popular is because car hire is not permitted in Bermuda and only citizens can own cars. Cycle rental is available throughout the Island and is heavily relied upon by tourists and locals alike. When you rent a cycle, you will be able to explore Bermuda in style and still have a wonderful experience.

What food options are there in Bermuda?

There are numerous dishes you can enjoy in Bermuda. The dishes you must sample while here are salted codfish that is mixed with potatoes, Sunday breakfast which is a traditional dish here, as well as the hoppin’ john which is boiled rice served with black eyed peas. There are also meals that remain a tradition for various holidays like Christmas and Easter.

You can indulge in Bermuda cuisine which incorporates Indian and Californian cuisines, from one of the numerous restaurants around Bermuda. To spend the least and still enjoy the great Bermudan dishes, consider dining away from the cruise dock as restaurants around the docks tend to be quite expensive. Try the local foods like cassava pie, Bermuda bananas, fish and bay grape jelly.

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